Cardio Miracle Vegan Single Servings

Cardio Miracle Vegan Single Servings

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30 Single Serves of Cardio Miracle Vegan. This product consists of 30 serving Pack which will last one person 15 days, following the serving suggestion.

Cardio Miracle Vegan is a very mild, herbal taste, minimizing sweeteners, and flavors. Easy to mix with green juice, fruit or vegetable smoothies, or warm herbal teas.


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Cardio Miracle is the culmination of a decade of research and collaboration with leading experts on delivering sustained nitric oxide to the tissues. The Vegan formula resulted from extensive discussions with nutritional, alkaline, and vegan experts including the Co-founder and current directors of the Hippocrates Institute, and other noteworthy PHD's and health practitioners. Every ingredient in Cardio Miracle Vegan has been carefully sourced, tested and is naturally occurring and vegan and where possible organically sourced. The organic vegetable and fruit powders are the finest in the world, both nutritionally, and minimally processed.

Cardio Miracle , at the request of the vegan experts has used minimal sweetening, for alkalinity, yet palatable taste easily mixed with other juices or warm teas. It is low glycemic, gluten free, not genetically engineered, and meets the highest standards in every way. It can be taken with any vegetable or fruit juice, but is best not with protein powders for nitric oxide delivery. For best results take first thing in the morning and later in the evening. 15 minutes or more before protein, and a couple of hours after protein will provide maximum benefits. We are delighted to introduce Cardio Miracle Vegan to the growing Cardio Miracle family worldwide, and anticipate that this breakthrough formula will bring amazing results to its users.


Cardio Miracle Vegan has amplified the frontier of functional supplementation. Totality of nutrients combined with probing and expansive nitric oxide places this living nutraceutical in a category of its own.
-Anna Maria & Brian Clement
PhD, LN, Directors. Hippocrates Health Institute

The Cardio Miracle nutritional beverage should be the cornerstone of everyone's daily supplementation. The numerous benefits of sustained nitric oxide delivery are essential in the health and reproduction of normal cells. I highly recommend it, and use it with gratitude.
-Viktoras Kulvinskas
Hippocrates Health Institute

Cardio Miracle is the only supplement that my wife and I take faithfully everyday. The results
have been amazing .
-Dr Bradley Nelson
Best selling author of “The Emotion Code”

I have researched, recommended, and spoken about nitric oxide supplementation throughout the world over the past decade. I now use Cardio Miracle twice daily, and have found it to be the finest formulation of this generation by far. Everyone should benefit from its exceptional dual pathway nitric oxide delivery.
-Dr Joseph Prendergast
Endocrinologist (Retired) Palo Alto , California

In my 25 years of research, I have never seen a molecule (nitric oxide) that so pervasively influences normal and abnormal body functions.
-Dr. Solomon Snyder
Director of Neuroscience, John Hopkins Medical School.


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