Cardio Miracle Referral Rewards Program

Our Rewards Program focuses on allowing you to:

  • Experience the power and miraculous nature of Cardio Miracle
  • Share your personal experiences with others
  • Apply for and begin to share Cardio Miracle with others
  • Receive product credit (Rewards Points) for every purchase you generate through your referrals
  • Use the many tools and capabilities your own personal Rewards Members Area to increase your reach
  • Gain a following of people who turn to you as their expert in heart and body health
  • High performing Members may be offered the ability to go even further with Referral Rewards and even earn a cash commission for referral sales

Although everything you should need for referrals is already on our site,
you welcome to call us at 1-800-663-0158

Be a Referral Rewards Member

Rewards Program


  • At least 1 purchase
  • Agree to terms


  • 5% Personal Rewards
  • 10% Referral Rewards
  • FREE!!! Marketing Tools
  • Inside Information

How To Get Started

  1. Learn how Cardio Miracle can change your life
  2. Make a purchase of Cardio Miracle Product
  3. Use Cardio Miracle and see how you:
    • Feel better
    • Recover Faster
    • Lower Blood Pressure
    • Improve circulation
    • Improve dental health
    • Breath easier
    • See better
  4. Document your experience at
  5. Apply to join the Cardio Miracle Referral Rewards Program
  6. Create your personalized Cardio Miracle landing page here
  7. Create your personalized links to share on every site possible
  8. Track your progress and see what strategy makes you the most
  9. Continue to grow and learn how you can help others by sharing this great product

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