Julie Rowe’s Experience of Using Cardio Miracle


I’ve been taking Cardio Miracle two or three times a day for several months now. I noticed a difference in how I felt right away. My body felt lighter, I had more energy, and right away I noticed that my digestive system and other organs were happier. 

I felt prompted to start taking this product to help my body transition off of some of the medications I have been taking. After prayerful consideration and in working closely with my doctors and other healthcare practitioners I have been able to successfully reduce the amount of prescription medication I take. 

Cardio Miracle has become an important part of my healthcare regimen. I believe it will continue to help me move forward in my healing progress. I am grateful to those who have sacrificed so much and have worked so hard to develop this product. Nitric Oxide plays a crucial role in the health and well being of living organisms. The benefits of Nitric Oxide are unlimited.


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Cardio Miracle, The Complete Nitric Oxide Solution, can help you enjoy more energy, better health, and a fuller life.

Why This Tiny Molecule Is The Key To Health


Nitric oxide isn’t just another health trend to worry about; quite the contrary. In popular terms, it is the Holy Grail; a previously unknown component of human physiology so vital that doctors and scientists have since dubbed it the “Miracle Molecule.”
The discovery of Nitric Oxide’s critical role in cardiovascular health even earned doctors Louis J. Ignarro, Ferid Murad, and Robert F. Furchgott the 1998 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Its role in oxygenating cells has created a powerful new approach to health, disease, and aging. 

Nitric Oxide is a gaseous molecule created by your veins and arteries. If you doubt that a gas could be critical to your health, just hold your breath until you change your mind. Our body is one complex gas exchange system; swapping out oxygen for carbon dioxide in every cell of our body, every second of the day, throughout our cardiovascular system. What scientists learned at the end of the 20th Century was that another gas, Nitric Oxide, is necessary to make this system work. Without Nitric Oxide in your system, you are back to holding your breath. 

It’s this specific function of Nitric Oxide that helps so many different ailments, like neuropathy, macular degeneration, periodontal disease, and more. By getting an improved supply of oxygen, your cells can finally start doing their job instead of slowly dying from lack of Oxygen.

Here’s a short clip of Dr. Bradley Nelson, author of The Emotion Code and creator of The Body Cody, talking about how important Cardio Miracle, The Complete Nitric Oxide Solution, is to our health:

Nitric Oxide helps relax your arteries and veins and keeps them clean. It helps remove all of the toxins in your blood by healing and empowering your endothelial wall, a gatekeeper between your cells and your blood vessels. Keeping your endothelial wall healthy will help prevent heart attacks and strokes as well as help lower high blood pressure.

Put simply, Nitric Oxide takes out the trash (CO2) and feeds your heart the vital nutrients it needs to keep pumping Oxygen filled blood to your cells. And Cardio Miracle is The Complete Nitric Oxide Solution, providing you with two pathways to Nitric Oxide production as well as a host of antioxidants that further help remove toxins from your body.

Stephen Ashcraft, noted physiologist and kinesiologist in Nashville, who has worked with hundreds of people in their pursuit of better health, had this to say about Nitric Oxide and Cardio Miracle:

“If I were going to take only one supplement it would be a Nitric Oxide booster. And since I am going to take a Nitric Oxide booster, it is going to be Cardio Miracle.”

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Cardio Miracle, The Complete Nitric Oxide Solution, can help you enjoy more energy, better health, and a fuller life.

Here Are A Few of the Benefits People Have Seen By Taking A Nitric Oxide Supplement

Cardiovascular Health: When Dr. Ignarro and his fellow scientists won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1998, it was for finding that Nitric Oxide could cure and reverse heart disease. In fact, Dr. Ingarro titled his book NO More Heart Disease: How Nitric Oxide Can Prevent–Even Reverse–Heart Disease and Strokes. In this book, Dr. Ingarro explains the science behind Nitric Oxide and states that he believes it is the key to heart health. By taking a Nitric Oxide supplement, you can greatly reduce your risk of having a cardiovascular event and even repair the damage done by a heart attack or stroke.


Kurt Dowdle had this to say about his experience with Nitric Oxide in dealing with Congestive Heart Failure: “When my CHF got so bad I couldn’t climb a flight of stairs, I didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, a friend gave me a tub of Cardio Miracle to try. Progressively, I began to walk up stairs with ease and was soon able to exercise on a regular basis, completely turning my health around. None of this would of have been possible without Nitric Oxide.”

Diabetic Symptoms: If you suffer from Neuropathy, or other symptoms of Diabetes, taking a Nitric Oxide supplement can help diminish your symptoms and, according to the University of Florida, reverse the effects of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy entirely. Recent studies have even found that including Nitric Oxide in your diet can help treat and even prevent insulin resistance brought on by obesity. By adding a Nitric Oxide supplement to your daily health regime, you are lowing your risks of nerve damage and possibly saving your peripheral limbs from amputation.

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Cardio Miracle, The Complete Nitric Oxide Solution, will give you a new level of health.

John Hewlett’s Testimony of Cardio Miracle

Seventeen years ago, three doctors received the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine for their discovery of the key role Nitric Oxide plays in human health and development. As the molecule responsible for facilitating the delivery of Oxygen to our cells, Nitric Oxide is changing modern medicine; transforming it from an invasive, drug-centered approach, to a more holistic and preventative model.

I have been involved in Nitric Oxide research and formulation for nearly ten years. Cardio Miracle represents a culmination of the research and discoveries of doctors, scientists, hospitals, and medical schools. It is The Complete Nitric Oxide Solution.

This has been a very spiritual journey for me. I have said for years that my mission is to save a million lives with the miracle of Nitric Oxide. And miracles have happened every day working with this product. Not the least of which is my meeting with Julie Rowe. I knew the moment we met that we were destined to help each other fulfill our individual missions. I am deeply grateful to Julie for her support and her courage in spreading her message to the world. I testify to you that Nitric Oxide is an essential piece to strengthening the hearts of men and women in the last days.

I see the discovery of Nitric Oxide in our bodies as a gift from above. I credit it with saving my life. Our goal at Cardio Miracle is to preserve and improve the lives of our brothers and sisters here on earth. I invite you to join us in this important mission.

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Cardio Miracle, The Complete Nitric Oxide Solution, can help you enjoy more energy, better health, and a fuller life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cardio Miracle

1. How Should I Take Cardio Miracle? Cardio Miracle is best taken twice a day on an empty stomach, 20 to 30 minutes before meals. You can mix it with water or fruit juice to your preference. Just avoid mixing it with a protein shake as that will impede your body’s ability to absorb the Nitric Oxide properly.

2. Why Does The Inner Seal Seem Compromised? The inner seal is secure; however, when you take off the lid for the first time, you may notice that the seal lifts off with the lid. As long as you feel it coming off with the lid, there has been no tampering with the product inside.

3. Why Is My Product Compacted? The product compacts during transportation / distribution. With the lid tightly secured, gently roll the canister on its side or even shake the canister and the product will loosen and be restored to production consistency so you can easily scoop it.

4. What is the date on the canister? This is the expiration date for the product; at room temperature, the product is good for two years.

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