"More Than 23.5 Million Americans Suffer From An Autoimmune Disease And The Prevalence Is Rising"

I am greatly impressed by improvements in my health, my conditions. The best supplement I ever found for high blood pressure turned out to be good for other things I never expected … diabetes, neuropathy, immune system, periodontitis, varicose veins, and even cancer.

Hi, I Am G. Edward Griffin In 2012, I was introduced to a product called CARDIO MIRACLE to enhance the body's production of nitric oxide that, theoretically, causes blood vessels to be more flexible. I was told that it would lower my blood pressure without the side effects of drugs. Of course I was skeptical at first. But I thought about giving it a try as I had faith on the people who introduced it to me. Much to my surprise, within a short period of time, my blood pressure which was usually high began to come down markedly and I began to keep a track of it. This was when I decided to share my story with other people and launched it in our product line. Soon, I was receiving all kind of emails from people thanking me that they are experiencing the same results. This is really a miracle for me.

The immune system protects the body against infection, disease, and help you recover from an injury. But… What if you have a suppressed or weakened immune system? What if your immune systems start attacking your body instead of protecting it? People who have a weak immune system or immunocompromised patients are often at a higher risk of getting infected. Also, if the immune system starts attacking your body instead of safeguarding it from infections, you could have an autoimmune disorder like type 1 diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis. Did you know… More than 80 different autoimmune diseases exist? Autoimmune diseases are more common in women and often run in families? Unhealthy diet can cause the immune system to become more aggressive? In the long run, excessive consumption of fast food can accelerate the development of diabetes and arteriosclerosis? Diet high in sugar, high in fat, and low in fiber can cause your body to develop a strong inflammatory response similar to being infected with dangerous bacteria. A study placed on mice on a western diet concluded that eating fast food in excess can cause the body to create a huge and powerful army of immune cells. This increases the chances of autoimmune diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases. What if there was a simple way to strengthen your immune system without the use of prescription drugs or without making drastic changes in your diet? Would you be interested to learn more? Before we unveil the secret, let's first, understand a few things related to our immune system.

When is a Person Immunocompromised?

When a person is immunocompromised or immunosuppressed, it means their immune defenses are weakened and not functioning properly. Our immune system is made up of an army of cells that destroy invaders in the body, in turn, protecting us against bacteria, viruses, infections, and even cancer. However, when the defense system is not functioning normally, an individual becomes vulnerable to infection. Moreover, depending on the underlying conditions, the immune system compromise can be temporary or permanent.  

Common Causes of a Compromised Immune System?

There are some common chronic conditions that can affect the immune system. These include:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Lung disease
  • Lupus

Other medical conditions that can leave a person immunocompromised are:

  • Rare genetic disorders
  • Cancer

Moreover, there are different levels of immunosuppression. While some people are more susceptible to infections, others are at ongoing high risk. For the people that fall in the latter category, common infections like pneumonia can become life-threatening.

What are Autoimmune Diseases?

Unlike infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases do not occur due to a microbe, virus, or bacteria. Instead, a person is a victim of autoimmune diseases when his own immune system starts making antibodies against the healthy cells. Autoimmune disease can lead to inflammation and in certain cases, weakness. There is a vast array of factors that increase a person's risk of developing autoimmune diseases including gender, environmental factors, and more.

Why Are Women At Higher Risk of Acquiring Autoimmune Diseases than Men?

If you are a woman, you are more likely to get an autoimmune disease as compared to your male counterpart. "An astonishing 80% of individuals with autoimmune diseases are women." A woman's body undergoes several hormonal changes in life. These changes in hormones can directly affect the innate and adaptive immunity along with the immune tolerance in women. Researchers also found that androgens (produced more in a male body) reduce inflammation while estrogens (produce more in the female body) have pro-inflammatory effects. "Globally, more than 700 million people suffer from some kind of an autoimmune disease, ranging from mild and moderate to severe"

The Gut Health

The term "trust your gut" is the ultimate, trending wellness tips for 2020. Did you know 80 percent of our immune system resides in the gut and the state of the gut helps determine how we feel, physically and mentally? How our bodies feel and perform is a direct reflection of the health of the gut. So it is important to make sure your gut is happy. In simple words, having a thriving population of beneficial bacteria in your gut is important to support your immune system.

Try This 100% Natural Solution To Strengthen the Immune System...

There is one thing that can completely transform the functional activity, growth, and death of your immune and inflammatory cell types including mast cells, macrophages, natural killer cells, neutrophils, and T lymphocytes. It is so big and so significant, that in 1998, the scientists who discovered this little-known solution won the NOBEL PRIZE for medicine, for their profound discovery.

Nitric Oxide…The "SPARK OF LIFE"

The gas that is produced, is called Nitric Oxide, or what many people refer to as N-O. Nitric oxide has been called the "Spark of Life" because of the role it plays in healing the body. When you're young…nitric oxide is produced in plentiful supply. But as you age, your body becomes less efficient at producing nitric oxide. By the age of 40, studies show that your body produces about 50% less nitric oxide than you did as a teenager.

Versatile Player That Helps Strengthen the Immune System

Nitric oxide plays an important role in the immune system. Specialized cells of the immune system called macrophages produce nitric oxide in high amounts. Following infection, the body produces chemicals called cytokines to activate the cells of the immune system, including macrophages, and guide them to the site of infection. A high amount of nitric oxide produced by the macrophages is toxic to the bacteria and helps in their destruction. In a similar manner, nitric oxide also helps protect the body against other types of infection including viruses and parasites.

What is Nitric Oxide and Why is It So Important?

In the past two decades, Nitric Oxide has been recognized as one of the most versatile players in the immune system. NO is capable of mediating cell to cell communication throughout the body. Moreover, Nitric oxide plays a pivotal role in cell-mediated immunity response. Nitric oxide is involved in the pathogenesis and control of infectious disease, chronic degenerative diseases, autoimmunity, and tumors. Nitric Oxide is also known to have a protective effect on the gastrointestinal tract. In preclinical studies, it was found that nitric oxide help maintain gastric mucosal integrity, repair NSAID-induced damage and inhibit leukocyte adherence to the endothelium. In 1985, Nitric oxide entered the immunology scene for its role in the immune system. It is a diatomic free radical, vasodilator, lipid-soluble that reacts with a variety of molecules and mediates a large spectrum of biological effects (Nathan and Hibbs, 1991) Nitric Oxide has emerged as a potential powerful mediator of T-cell responses. It can suppress as well as enhance T-cell functions. NO is also considered a potent inhibitor of lymphocytes proliferation, cytokine production, and induces apoptosis.

Here Are Key Symptoms That Can Be An Indicator of Low Nitric Oxide...

  • Are you feeling the effects of fatigue or low energy levels?  
  • Do you have less stamina or endurance compared to what you used to have?  
  • Are you or your partner struggling with symptoms of Erectile dysfunction?  
  • Do you have high blood pressure or are you taking blood pressure lowering medication?
  • Do you have joint pain and inflammation?  
  • What about heart issues or decreased heart function?
  • Do you fall sick often?


It facilitates the repair of the capillaries, effectively treating things like:  

  • Neuropathy  
  • Macular degeneration 
  • Kidney failure 
  • Impaired brain function.  
  • Effectively treats and reverses periodontal disease 
  • Protects the heart and other vital organs from damage. 
  • Helps with absorbability of nourishment for your cells 
  • It helps with blood vessel damage after a stroke or heart attack. 

By improving blood flow and delivering oxygen and nutrients to every cell in your body, nitric oxide literally helps your body heal itself, as it was naturally intended to do.

Stay Healthy and Don't Fall Sick Often

There are many foods that can naturally help boost your nitric oxide production. But a nitric oxide supplement like the one I am about to share with you, is a simple and easy way to not only signal the production of nitric oxide but also to strengthen the immune system, distribute more oxygen and nutrients throughout your system, reduce inflammation, and promote a more healthy and energetic you…


Cardio Miracle was developed from a different set of foundational principals. The philosophy behind this power health supplement was to build the most effective defense against infections and provide the best natural pathway to increased nitric oxide in the human body. The objective was to create a product that delivered all the key vitamins, nutrients, and minerals, in the proper recommended amounts, without restrictions of cost. Cardio Miracle was designed to provide a dual pathway delivery which provides an instant jolt of nitric oxide and then continues to naturally produce nitric oxide over many hours.

World's Finest Ingredients Cardio Miracle goes to great lengths to find the finest ingredients from all over the world. There are decades of scientific studies and research that have gone into the development of this one remarkable product which was built on a foundation of quality and that is why so many people have seen results so dramatic and spectacular, it has lived up to its name...Cardio MIRACLE!  

Meet John Hewlett, Founder

On July 24, 2007, 55-year-old John Hewlett, father of five, was rushed to the emergency room with acute appendicitis. During the emergency surgery his vital signs rose to dangerous levels, which triggered impending cardiac failure. He survived the surgery, but was facing the tragic ending his father, grandfather and other male relatives had fallen victim to, heart failure. Refusing another emergency surgery, he set out to find a natural alternative. 

"I felt a strong resolve, and then peace, that I would find a better answer somehow. Something better than the recommended procedures, which I deeply felt could be crippling or fatal to my life"

Hewlett's Health Turnaround

Hewlett uncovered the breakthrough scientific discovery of Dr. Lous Ignarro, Nobel Prize winner for his discovery of nitric oxide's role in the repair of the cardiovascular system and tis related effect on blood pressure. Hewlett's disease stopped progressing after taking a nitric oxide supplement for just 90-days. This was the turning point that led him on a six-year mission, meeting with preeminent scientists, doctors and nutritionists to develop the life-transforming Cardio Miracle formula. Hewlett was determined to develop a highly absorbable nutritional health drink and the ULTIMATE nitric oxide delivery system. 

Look What These People Had To Say About Cardio Miracle 


Dr. Bradley Nelson

Best-selling author "The Emotion Code" and Creator of The Body Code System 

Dr. Bradley Nelson joined us a few years ago and we're on this mission and journey of healing together: to help HEAL the HEARTS of mankind, one person at a time.  

"Cardio Miracle is one of the few supplements my wife and I take every single day. The Cardio Miracle formula is superior to any formula I have ever used. I believe that everyone should be on this formula to help protect and promote their health. In my own family we have a history of brain aneurysms. Cardio Miracle is my preventive nutrition to minimize that risk for me. Highly recommended!" 

Watch the 101 Interview with John Hewlett & Dr. Nelson discussing Nitric Oxide and its healing power HERE.

Dr. Joshua Helman

Medical Director, Hippocrates Health Institute

Dr. Joshua Helman is an Emergency Medicine physician licensed in ten states. "Dr. Josh" has two degrees in biochemistry, (bachelor's from Harvard magna cum laude and master's from the the University of Cambridge, UK). His medical degree is from Harvard Medical School and MIT. He is board-certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine and a member of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine.  

Dr. Josh has been working with Cardio Miracle almost since our inception. He currently recommends it to his patients at Hippocrates as a compliment to their raw plant-based lifestyle regimen.  

Watch Dr. Josh & Heidi Crockett's professional opinion on Cardio Miracle HERE.  

Dr. Tadeusz Malinski

Medical Research Department Head at the University of Ohio

Dr. Malinski is a professor of biomedical sciences, but he previously taught the science of art in Europe. His life work has been understanding the action of nitric oxide in the body, which has led to treatments for heart disease, stroke and other disorders. 

Dr. Maliniski is currently working with John Hewlett and Cardio Miracle to provide helpful insight and validated research about Cardio Miracle's formulation being the most effective nitric oxide and Vitamin D supplement on the market. 

Watch a short clip from world acclaimed biochemist and John Hewlett discussing nitric oxide and vitamin D delivery HERE. 

THE MANY EFFECTS OF CARDIO MIRACLE Although my initial interest in this product was its ability to lower blood pressure, it soon became apparent from the testimonials we were receiving that there are many other benefits as well – and some of them are big. The following unsolicited letters from users tell the story.


Charles Bruce

Since I have been using Cardio Miracle, I have not had to take blood-pressure medications. My pressure is now normal, and no side effects. Most of the time I only take 1/2 dose, and it still brings it down, usually around 127/83 or so. THIS STUFF WORKS! I am a former gym rat, and Cardio Miracle seems to tone my muscles as well. I am physically stronger with little or no working out.

Russell Pincock

I'm fairly young but have battled high blood pressure for over 10 years. The medication I was on made it hard for me to do my job as a general contractor. I started taking Cardio Miracle and started to feel better after about a week. It's been 10 months, my doctor took me off my blood-pressure medication, and I'm feeling better than I have in 10 years.

Joe Ferguson - Utah

Hi Ed. Last week, my blood pressure was 120/68. And I am 84. Have been taking the Cardio-Miracle that you recommended for three months. The info in your books, The Creature and World Without Cancer is equal to a master's degree in sane living.

Robert Dickman

As a professional chemist, I began taking several of the components of Cardio Miracle when I had a health scare involving my blood pressure and triglycerides. Taking Cardio Miracle has made it easy, because I get every ingredient I was taking separately, and more, in one product. I am 70-years and now feel like I am 40. I see the ingredients of Cardio Miracle as the best of the best for my cardiovascular system and overall health.

CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE (insufficient blood flow from heart)

Kurt Dowdle - Burley, Idaho

When my Congestive Heart Failure got so bad I couldn't climb a flight of stairs, I didn't know what to do. Fortunately, a friend gave me a tub of Cardio Miracle to try. Progressively, I began to walk up stairs with ease and was soon able to exercise on a regular basis, completely turning my health around.


Pat Erdman

I am so excited to endorse what this product has done for me in the last year. I had a stroke in January, 2015, after being on an Arginine product [not Cardio Miracle] for over 5 years. I am glad that it kept me from being disabled, but it only had 18 ingredients. I found Cardio Miracle last April and have been taking half as much of it [as the other product] because it has so many other ingredients, all organic. I believe now that it has been healing me further. We had a flood in our house in December, and I have been able to help put down flooring, cut boards on the saw in the garage, paint baseboards and help get them in the right place. I cooked for helpers on the weekend and kept up almost 8 hours a day, when before I hadn't had that kind of stamina. I am so grateful for the blessings that have come from adding this to my daily agenda, and I only have to take half as much as I was of the other product, so it is cheaper too!

NEUROPATHY (numbness, usually in feet and legs)

Lance Voss - Hurricane, Utah

I suffered with neuropathy in my legs and feet to the point where they were turning dark, and my toes were turning black. I could feel nothing from my knees down. After taking a Nitric Oxide supplement for 3 weeks, I could feel my knees again. As I continued to take the product, the neuropathy continued dropping. After 3 months, my feet had gone from black to fleshy pink. I'm very grateful for Nitric Oxide giving me my life back.

Gene Duffin - DDS

I became interested in Cardio Miracle because it helped my wife with her neuropathy. I decided I might as well take it along with her since it couldn't do me any harm. Then I noticed that the white biofilm coating I had on my tongue most of my life unexplainably went away – and improved my breath freshness. That made me happy. Since I am a dentist, I'm sure it made my patients happy also.

Aminika - Dallas/Fort Worth

Following my surgery, the pain was unbearable, and the loss of sensation in my feet and legs plus the loss of muscular control made it almost impossible to walk. Drugs didn't help, and the doctors were baffled. Then I tried Cardio Miracle and could hardly believe that my pain and neuropathy quickly vanished.

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

Gordon and Terri D. - Norfolk, Va

My husband learned about nitric oxide in a miraculous encounter with two strangers waiting to board a cruise last winter. They observed my husbands pale look and labored breathing, and shared the science. He has been taking the supplement since last April and, even with advanced COPD, his breathing has dramatically improved, his energy level is now beyond our expectations, and his PSA has dropped from over 10 to 2. Our doctors are shocked. We are grateful for Cardio Miracle in our lives.

PERIODONTITIS (receding or bleeding gums) and ROOT CANAL

Ray Potter - Laverkin, Utah

I have been plagued with receding gums and bleeding for over 40 years. My dentist has recommended surgery several times along with cleanings every three months. I tried everything I could including packing my teeth at night with a powder to help heal the gums. "NOTHING worked. I use a Water Pic every day and some herbal tincture, which has helped some but never stopped the receding gums. "After taking Cardio Miracle for three weeks; two scoops per day; I went for my cleaning appointment and was so thrilled to hear that 17 of my pockets had improved one to two millimeters with less bleeding than in the past. Three months later I went back for another cleaning and was a little nervous; fearing that the first time was just an accident! Much to my pleasure, I had 10 more improvements of one to two millimeters in pocket depth. Needless to say my dentist, Dr Wade, was very impressed and said this was unheard of, wanting to hear more about the Cardio Miracle.

G. Edward Griffin - Los Angeles

When I read Ray Potter's testimonial, I wondered if this could be the result of something other than Cardio Miracle, such as a change in diet or reduction of stress. When I looked to see if there was any scientific support for thinking nitric oxide might be responsible, I found that researchers at State University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, studied that very issue and said there was, indeed, scientific support for the theory behind it. (1) It didn't take long for me to schedule a dental appointment to get a current assessment of my own periodontitis to see if Cardio Miracle made a difference. Like Ray Potter, I was uneasy that there would be no positive effect but, when the results were compared to my previous exam, the improvement was nothing less than spectacular. My previous exam showed 69 pockets that were deep enough to be classified as affected by periodontitis. This time, there were only 24. That's an amazing improvement of 65%. My hygienist, who usually admonishes me to increase the frequency of my teeth cleaning, studied the charts for a moment and said: 'Well, I guess this takes the steam out of my argument.' Eleven months later (on 2016 April 12), when I returned for another cleaning, the pocket count had further declined to 17. That's a 75% improvement from what is was before taking Cardio Miracle. This time, the hygienist asked how to obtain the product. "Nitric oxide and oral diseases: can we talk about it?" ResearchGate.net.

Rochelle Tyler - LaGrange, Texas

A few years ago, my dentist advised that I have periodontal disease. I directed my research efforts to find natural remedies if possible. I tried many things, but no calculable results. Then, relying on Mr. Griffin's recommendations, I purchased Cardio Miracle and began using it upon arrival. I could not take two doses at first so only took the morning dose. After about 10 days of only the morning dose, I went to the dentist for a pre-scheduled cleaning. The hygienist was ecstatic when, after measuring those darn pockets, many had gone from "6" to "4", "3", and "2"! After I told her about my Cardio usage, another patient in the office (overhearing our conversation) insisted I give him the info on obtaining the product – which I did. Cardio is the only thing I have tried to date that delivered positive results for my periodontal disease. Can't tell you how much relief that gives me!

Tom Worcester - DDS, Member of the Crown Council, Florida

Cardio Miracle brought down my blood pressure so I no longer need Statin drugs. It brought my triglyceride levels into normal range and also boosted my Vitamin-D levels by more than 50%. As a dentist, I am particularly impressed by its ability to virtually eliminate periodontal disease. I now recommend it to all my patients, most of whom report marked improvement within 60 days.

Arlaine Austin

Severe pain in my jaw sent me to my dentist who said I was in immediate need of a root canal on an infected tooth. I am skeptical about the value of root canals, so I wanted to find another solution other than tooth extraction. I knew that Cardio Miracle was helping people with gum disease, so I decided to see if it would help my deeply infected tooth. Swishing the formula around the tooth for a minute before swallowing produced a sensation of healing. After just a few days, the pain was gone. My tooth seems to be fine now.


Dr Michael Tornow – Bloomfield, New Mexico

I have tremendous energy and I'm averaging 16,000 steps per day (as noted by my Fit Bit) with a vigorous pace, even jogging 3+ miles each morning. My cravings for sugary foods also seems to have decreased. In two weeks I have lost 4.5 pounds.

Greg Anderson – Salt Lake City, Utah

90 days after starting Cardio Miracle. I've lost 23 pounds, because I have more energy to exercise. I no longer take blood-pressure medication, and my blood pressure reading this morning was 120/79.


Josh Helman - M.D.

As a Harvard-trained, board-certified emergency physician, I can say that Cardio Miracle truly is a miracle. It brought my blood pressure down from 145/95 to 120/78 with no prescription medications, and I'm growing more hair. I strongly recommend the product.

Heidi Crockett

I am a licensed medical professional and therapist. For years, I endured chronic nerve pain and never could find something that controlled pain without side effects. Now, Cardio Miracle removes my pain in 15 to 30 minutes with no side effects. Two scoops of Cardio Miracle works better than two IBuprofen.


Dr. Bradley Nelson - Author of The Emotion Code

Cardio Miracle is one of the few supplements that my wife and I take every single day. The incredible benefits of nitric oxide are well known, and the Cardio Miracle formula is superior to any formula that I have used. I believe that everyone should be on this formula to help protect and promote their endothelial health. In my own family, we have a history of brain aneurysms. Cardio Miracle is my preventive nutrition to minimize that risk for me. Highly recommended!

Stephen Ashcraft - A physiologist in Nashville, Tennessee

If I could take one supplement and one supplement only, it would be a nitric oxide booster.

Dr. James Oury - Founder of the Missoula Heart Institute

I take Cardio Miracle every day and have found tremendous benefits as I participate in triathlons in my mid seventies. I wish I would have had it years ago for my patients, as everyone needs it.

Marci Campbell

Cardio Miracle has been the catalyst for healing my debilitating concussion. Exercise and physical therapy were hard on my brain until I started taking Cardio Miracle before a workout. I had an immediate result! Not only could I exercise, my head began feeling better and my overall health improved! Thank you Cardio Miracle!

Ken Sheldon

For me, Cardio Miracle has been the perfect gift. It has done more for me in one year that medicine has done in the previous forty. The neuropathy in my fingers and toes is gone. I sleep better. I'm healthier, stronger, have more energy. Cardio Miracle gives me a sense of health security that I don't get from Big Pharma or establishment medicine.

Robert Haunschild

Nitric-Oxide therapy has affected my wife, Diane significantly. Her actual age 68 was a far cry from the test results (heart age 92) back in May 2011. After 8 months her heart age is now 55! Blood pressure went from 168/92 to 121/76. In addition she was able to have carpel tunnel surgery cancelled because the symptoms went away. Diane had a full knee replacement in 2013 and another one in 2014. Her surgeon and physical therapist told us she recovered twice as fast as anyone they had seen in 25 years!

Discover Why These Health Experts Believe So Strongly In Cardio Miracle

"We invite you to try nitric oxide therapy for yourself and experience the body's magnificent ability to heal itself."